A workshop on ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (APXPS) will be held in Sendai, Tohoku, Japan, from 3rd (Tue.) to 6th (Fri.) December 2024.
This series of workshops has traditionally been held at synchrotron radiation facilities around the world and continues to be held annually, even during difficult pandemic years when the workshops have changed to a virtual format.
The first workshop was hold in France (SOLEIL) in 2014, and was held in Taiwan (NSRRC) in 2023. This 11th workshop will take place at NanoTerasu, a newly constructed fourth-generation synchrotron radiation facility in Sendai, Japan.
The workshop brings together researchers and students to share and learn about the latest discoveries using APXPS technology in a wide range of research fields, including electrochemistry, interface science, catalysis and materials science.
The workshop will include lectures by plenary, invited and contributing speakers, poster sessions, commercial sponsorship sessions and synchrotron visits.

Past Workshops

1st APXPS workshop, 10-12 December 2014 in Paris, France
2nd APXPS workshop, 7–9 December 2015 in Berkley, US
3rd APXPS workshop, 12–14 December 2016 in Oxford, UK
4th APXPS workshop, 13-15 December 2017 in Shanghai, China
5th APXPS workshop, 11-14 December 2018 in Berlin, Germany
6th APXPS workshop, 10-13 December 2019 in Lund, Sweden
7th APXPS workshop, 15–17 December 2020 in Pohang, Korea
8th APXPS workshop, 7–10 December 2021 in Brookhaven, US
9th APXPS workshop, 6–9 December 2022 in Brugg, Switzerland
10th APXPS workshop, 5–8 December 2023 in Taipei, Taiwan